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Why Partner With TechLife?

At TechLife we believe in honesty, integrity, and loyalty.  These are just some of the traits that help to establish great working relationships.  Our goal when working with Interior Designers, Architects and Builders is to become a “Technology Partner” and not just another “A/V guy” sub-contractor on a job.  Finding a good Technology Partner is critical to the success in providing total home electronic and control system solutions.   So is TechLife a good Technology Partner?  We like to think so.  Here’s 14 reasons why:

  • Today’s savvy homeowners seek more in residential electronics and Techlife has the knowledge, resources and solutions to help them get exactly what they want. 
  • We are a professional and reliable organization that is easy to work with and one that has the ability to respond to your needs in a timely fashion. 
  • TechLife is a Technology Partner that you can trust.  We have a teamwork mentality on and off the jobsite.  We work well and cooperate with the other trades on projects.  We work with you as part of your team and in a true partnership style. 
  • We will help enhance your reputation by ensuring the best customer service and support, even after the project is complete.
  • We are great communicators making sure things are documented and attention to details is a priority.
  • We make sure we set the expectations then exceed them and believe in the notion of “under promise and over deliver”. 
  • We follow a project process that has been proven to be successful over and over again.
  • We understand that production schedules are vital to profits, so we place a high priority on project schedules and budgets.
  • We complete jobs on time and deliver on customer service promises.  We never leave a project unfinished.
  • We have CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) certified professionals on staff.  That means that we are the proven experts in our field who are committed to a higher standard of education and work ethic.  It’s just another piece of mind for our Technology Partners and our clients. 
  • As the proven experts, we have, and continue to provide our authored newsletters, courses or lectures that help educate builders, interior designers, architects and homeowners on different electronic technologies. 
  • We understand that aesthetics of a room are foremost and at times we will need to sacrifice ultimate audio/video performance to meet the aesthetic goal set by the architect or interior designer.
  • When it comes to jobsite operations, we are consistent, neat, clean and organized.  We make certain that our jobsites remain neat and clean and know that clients want it that way.  
  • We provide value in everything we do.  It’s not just about how much the TV costs, it’s also about the quality and service we provide.  It’s what we bring to the table as a Technology Partner that brings value for the client.   Let us show you how you can add more value and subsequently more profit to your projects.

Differentiate yourself from the rest and bring TechLife on board to become your “Technology Partner”.   Distinguish your business from the others by enhancing the lifestyles of your clients and enhancing the desirability and value of their homes through technology.  Partner with TechLife Media Systems and be more successful.